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Podcast: Body Image and Unrealistic Expectations, feat. Yvonne Castañeda

This week, Podcast Editors Eamon and Jack interviewed Yvonne Castañeda, a part-time faculty member at Boston College School of Social Work and author of new release Pork Belly Tacos with a Side of Anxiety. Currently listed as the twenty-third best sellter in teen & Young Adult Nonfiction on Drugs and Alcohol Abuse, the book is an account of Yvonne’s growth in overcoming perfectionism ideals and her unhealthy relationship with food.

Listen to find out more about how Castañeda’s family culture impacted her body expectations as a teen, how she developed her passion for social work, and her inspiration for naming the book “Pork Belly Tacos”.

Read more about Castañeda book here. 

March 22, 2022

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