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Asinine Engages Packed Crowd With Improv Games During First Show of the Semester

The music of Fleetwood Mac aroused cheers in the crowd as the Asinine Sketch & Improv Comedy show began, and laughter immediately rang out in the crowded Gasson classroom. The audience filled the seats, and more people squatted on the floor, clapping and cheering to the sketch video on the projector that introduced each group member.

Asinine energized the small Gasson classroom at its first show of the semester, titled “We Bought A Wildlife Preserve,” on Thursday night. Attendees burst into laughter at every punchline as the members played classic, reliably funny games. The performers gave rapid deliveries of improvised jokes and satisfied the rowdy audience. 

Members of Asinine burst into the room, received by an eager and loud audience. The show began with the improv game “Pan left, pan right,” which involves rapidly changing scenes for Asinine members to riff off of, and the audience roared suggestions to inspire the scene. 

The members of Asinine took turns in the spotlight, creating random scenes centered around the word “price.”

The next activity, “Dinner Party,” revolved around guessing each dinner party guest’s quirk. Once again, the crowd belted out suggestions, creating an enthusiastic environment. Among the dinner guests were a crab and silly string, whose identities were quickly discovered by the comedian acting as the party’s host. 

Next, a game called “Grocery” began, demanding inspiration from the crowd. Audience members screamed out things that they “wouldn’t like to buy from Facebook Marketplace.” In the complete absurdity of the scenes, one Asinine member offered gas station sushi to two members arguing about running routes. Not a minute later, a confession of love enamored the crowd. 

The comedians burst through the door carrying chairs as they introduced the new game, called “Radio.” The crowd was asked to pick radio stations, and the increasingly involved audience screamed out “BBC,” “Disney,” and “Audiobooks,” among other topics.

The lights went out, and “BBC Radio” began. One of the members acted as an English child and wooed the crowd with his soothing cockney accent before suddenly screaming about his conflicts with his parents. The host of “Sleepytime Radio” was jarring for the crowd as the comedian broke down in tears because of his lack of sleep. 

Other games the comedy troupe put on were “Freeze That Guy” and “Alphabet,” the latter of which included improvised sentences that started with sequential letters of the alphabet.

October 14, 2022