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CSON and Xavier University in the Philippines to Collaborate in Research and Teaching

Boston College’s Connell School of Nursing (CSON) and Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan College of Nursing in the Philippines formalized a partnership aimed to expand academic and research engagement at both schools.

“With education and health care, the more diverse the people involved, the better the outcome,” said associate professor and Ph.D. Program Director Corrine Jurgens. “That’s one of the major opportunities of branching out on an international front.”

The “memorandum of understanding” between the schools was established near the start of the last academic school year and solidified in the last month, according to Jurgens. She said it will allow both universities to partner on research initiatives and international study opportunities.

“The College commits to an education responsive to the needs and goals of the community and the country,” Xavier’s website reads. “It provides opportunities for students to [become involved] in community activities and services that promote their physical and spiritual fitness, cultural and environmental consciousness, and sense of national identity.”

According to Jurgens, one facet of the CSON-Xavier partnership will be expanding Xavier’s educational simulation capabilities.

Christine Repsha, an assistant professor and director of Clinical Learning and Simulation Centers at CSON, said BC is also working to provide research training to Xavier faculty members and help improve its simulations and nursing labs.

According to Jurgens, the schools are currently working to develop a state of the science report for Xavier, which allows for more extensive understanding of Xavier’s research needs. Together, the schools will examine Xavier’s available nursing studies to identify weaknesses in analysis and obstacles in the school’s publishing and dissemination processes.

“Diversity is very important in education and in health care, particularly with nursing, to allow us to do person-centered care. We’re all so different. We all have different needs,” Jurgens said. “And so anytime you can gain an experience like [this collaboration], it’s really very helpful.”

October 16, 2022