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Campus Cocktails: Three Quick and Easy Tailgate Drinks

The Saturday morning pre-tailgate rush is a core part of the Boston College experience.

You’ve missed your first few alarms, you’re just a bit hungover from the previous night, and you need to quickly throw on your best basic-but-not-too-basic BC gameday ’fit. 

Amid all of this hurry, students don’t have time to prepare a complex cocktail before gallivanting around the Mods. Having an easy-to-make beverage that you can throw together as you get ready can both relieve the stress of early morning tailgates and expedite the fun. If you want a beverage more complex than a typical beer or seltzer, here is a list of three simple cocktails that will make your next tailgate experience all the more enjoyable.

This goes without saying, but the optimal vessel for these beverages is a red Solo cup.


The Noonosa


Orange Juice

One can of High Noon (whatever flavor you like)


Chopped fruit


  1. Pour orange juice until you fill about one-quarter of your cup.
  2. Pour in your High Noon until you fill your cup.
  3. Lightly mix the two liquids together. (If you mix them too roughly, you will flatten out the carbonization of the High Noon).
  4. Optional: add in chopped fruit of whatever flavor High Noon you chose.
  5. Sip and enjoy!


Bailey’s and Coffee



2 oz. Bailey’s Irish Cream




  1. If you’d prefer to have an iced spiked coffee, pour as much ice as you want into your cup. (If you’re using a Solo cup, make sure the coffee has cooled down a bit).
  2. Instead of milk or creamer, pour in Bailey’s to your liking. I like about 2 ounces.
  3. Stir together and cheers!


Fall, Football, and Fireball


Apple cider (hot or cold)

2 oz. Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey


  1. Pour apple cider—either hot or cold—into your cup. (As with the coffee, make sure the cider is not too hot). 
  2. Pour in Fireball to your liking. I prefer about 2 oz.
  3. Mix, sip, and enjoy!
September 10, 2023