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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Week of Sept. 17

Thumbs Up:

  • Red Bandanna Pride
    • No matter how you feel about Boston College football, one thing cannot be denied: Students show up for the Red Bandanna Game. From coordinated jumpsuits and jerseys to the red bandanna tied around everyone’s wrist, BC pride at the game this weekend was infectious. Although tailgating and scream-singing “Mr. Brightside” in the stands will always fill our hearts, the real message of the Red Bandanna Game is not lost. We will never fail to celebrate the heroism of Welles Crowther and honor his family and memory.
  • BC Benches
    • Now that the weather report is looking more cheerful, students are once again flocking to the Quad. In addition to grassy picnics and study sessions in Stokes Amphitheater, BC benches provide the perfect rest stop. Integrated into our beautifully landscaped surroundings, these spots allow us a moment of respite—a place to sit with friends, catch up with family on the phone, do class readings, or even take a quick mid-day nap in the sun. If you have not already found your favorite bench, take time to discover it! We promise you will find your own little paradise.

Thumbs Down:

  • Coffee Confusion
    • Three weeks into the semester, and our collective sleep deprivation is well underway. The obvious solution? Coffee. Unfortunately, it’s not quite that easy. In the morning, getting your coffee fix means either braving the long CoRo Cafe and Market lines, or opting for the dining hall’s all-too-often watered-down variety. You could make the trek to Dunkin’, but that is a dangerous habit for your bank account. And then there’s the Rat coffee, which everyone loves … just kidding. We at thumbs up, thumbs down suggest you try each option, and if you cannot find one you like, consider switching to tea.
  • Midterms … Already??
    • For BC students, the word “midterm” feels almost comical. Midterm season seems to stretch a full 10 weeks here, with many students facing their first big exam in week four. Although this may space out our big stressors, it also means there is no escape from the grind. We are stuck on a hamster wheel, at least until Dec. 20. So, organize your calendar and fit in times for rest—we have done this before and we can do it again.
September 17, 2023