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Lincoln-Eliot Elementary School Construction On Track, According to Community Meeting

The Lincoln-Eliot School project has made significant progress, according to the project’s community meeting on Tuesday night. 

“We’ve completely taken out all of the things inside the auditorium except for all the wood paneling and the big doors,” said Alex Valcarce, the Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Public Buildings. 

Construction has been ongoing for three months, starting in December 2023. 

Workers have installed a stormwater infiltration system in the building, and have demolished both the chapel and convent. Interior construction on existing buildings is also underway.  

“I am thrilled at the progress that’s happening,” Newton School Committee Vice Chair Emily Prenner said. 

Valcarce, however, warned residents of sidewalk obstructions in the upcoming weeks due to the project’s modification of the curb line. 

“We are going to close the side of the sidewalk on our side of the site on Jackson Road,” Valcarce said. 

Valcarce confirmed construction on the sidewalk will begin on April 15. 

A lane of Jackson Road will be closed during that time frame due the installation of a new fire hydrant, but should be opened by the end of the business day, according to Public Buildings Project Manager Tom Rooney. 

Steel-erection work will start at the new main entry of the building and the gymnasium in the first week of May, with the Lincoln-Eliot project set to be completed in the summer 2025, according to Rooney.

“We are hitting our mark so far,” Rooney said. 

March 20, 2024

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