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Eagles Off-Campus: What Your Street Says About You

Every year, many Boston College juniors leave their twin XLs and university-issued desks behind for something bigger and better—an off-campus house or apartment. 

While there are several streets near BC that students tend to live on, some streets are more popular than others. Whether your home is a peaceful getaway or a hosting hub, the street you live on likely says more about who you are than you think.

The Big Three: Foster Street, Gerald Road, Kirkwood Road

If you live on one of the big three BC off-campus housing streets, you are a party animal. You carry around a pepper spray keychain and probably wish you were sponsored by Ring: Home Security Systems (stay vigilant y’all).

When you aren’t worrying about off-campus break-ins and the security of your belongings, you are a social butterfly. Sure, you likely live in fear of Steve Montgomery, BC’s student community liaison, but that doesn’t stop you from hosting any and all parties. You’re no stranger to a good time and I just know you are eagerly counting down the days until your Marathon Monday “darty.”

Classic Choices: South Street, Chestnut Hill Avenue, Commonwealth Avenue

If you live on South Street, Chestnut Hill Avenue, or Commonwealth Avenue, you are someone who appreciates the classics. You probably have a bit of a superiority complex, but riding a packed shuttle bus to Main Campus every day keeps you humble. 

You likely romanticized living in a brownstone-esque apartment but cursed your landlord when you discovered the true struggle of moving into a building without an elevator. 

Underrated Gems: Lake Street and Undine Road 

If you live on Lake Street or Undine Road, you are nothing if not consistent. You are someone who likes to follow a schedule, meal plans, and probably gets more sleep than I ever will. Part of you wishes you lived on Foster, Gerald, or Kirkwood, but at the end of the day, you are happy to retreat to your cleaner and quieter house after parties. You secretly fear your “real neighbors,” but like to say you don’t care if they threaten to call the cops on you. 

Elite Option: Algonquin Road

If you live on Algonquin Road—or, as I affectionately call it, “Gonk”—congratulations, you are the coolest person at BC. 

I lived there my junior year, so I may be a bit biased, but even now, I can’t imagine anywhere else I would rather have lived. Though “Gonk” lacks the massive basements, rowdy parties, and social clout associated with other popular off-campus streets, its serene vibe and close proximity to campus make it the perfect place to spend junior year. 

Sure, your “real neighbors” may be mean, and you can sometimes hear the shriek of the green line, but the tree-lined sidewalks, easy access to BC staples like Richdale Food Shops, Crazy Dough’s Pizza, and White Mountain Creamery, and a sub-10-minute walk to Main Campus make “Gonk” the elite off-campus street.

March 24, 2024