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What Your Marathon Monday Outfit Says About You

Happy Marathon Monday, Eagles!

As one of BC’s most cherished traditions, Marathon Monday—or MarMon—is about more than just cheering on runners as they pass by and dancing at the Mile 21 Concert in the Mod Lot. It’s a chance for every BC student to pull the wildest and most unique outfits out of their dorm-room wardrobes.

Whether you realize it or not, your outfit of choice speaks volumes about your personality and creativity. Here’s what your Marathon Monday outfit says about you! 

Printed T-Shirt

You often describe yourself as “chill” and tend to think you’re not like the other girls. Maybe you’re sporting your marathon-runner friend’s face on your shirt, or maybe you searched “funny t-shirts” on Temu and scrolled for hours until you found something eye-catching and slightly offensive. 

At the end of the day, your t-shirt gives you the mobility you need to dance your absolute heart out to T-Pain’s “Best Love Song.”


You’re confident and you like being the center of attention. When onlookers aren’t cheering on runners or singing along to T-Pain, you hope they’ll be admiring your carefully crafted costume.

You probably love Halloween, and you took the randomness of MarMon as an excuse to debut the far-out costume that never made an appearance in October. More power to you for taking this day as an opportunity to shine! 

BC or Boston Merch

You’re probably a man, and you probably study finance. It’s always great to show some school spirit and Boston pride, but let’s see some creativity! This isn’t game day—it’s an opportunity to wear anything you want without feeling out of place. 

Unfortunately, your Celtics jersey isn’t up to par and your maroon and gold t-shirt isn’t cutting it. Next MarMon, try to break out of the finance-bro stereotype and express yourself with something fun.

Funky Hat

Chances are you didn’t want to get too crazy with your outfit this MarMon, but you also didn’t want to seem like a total drag. You needed a “pièce de résistance” to top off your otherwise tame outfit and match the MarMon spirit. 

You’re probably a bit burnt out from tirelessly picking out your past few MarMon outfits, so you’re taking the easy route this year by relying on a funky hat to fit in. Similar to the printed t-shirt, the funky hat can go in so many different directions, but the obscene trucker hats and miscellaneous novelty hats are always crowd favorites.

Colors and Patterns Galore

When all else fails, sporting an outfit that combines a random array of colors and quirky patterns will always do the trick and help you blend into the lively MarMon crowd. If this is you, your affinity for bright colors and eccentric combinations suggests a bit of chaos in your life. 

You’re probably the type of person who can never find a cohesive outfit in your closet because it’s full of eclectic pieces and bold hues. Although this may present a problem when you scramble out the door for your 9 a.m. class, MarMon allows you to embrace this inner chaos and let your true colors shine. 

Race Bib

To all the marathon runners, congratulations! You’re honestly super awesome, and your efforts are admirable, but you’re also probably a bit of an overachiever.

You likely told yourself you have to run the Boston Marathon while you’re still a BC student so you could experience the utter joy of conquering Heartbreak Hill and hearing your classmates cheer you on. Hopefully, you can suppress the feelings of F.O.M.O. when thinking about your friends partying on Foster and moshing in the Mod Lot.

April 14, 2024