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Proposed Mask Ban Unveils Boston’s Banning Problem

Following the violent counter-protests at the Straight Pride Parade that took place in late August, the Boston City Council is considering issuing a ban on individuals wearing masks, hoods, or other devices to conceal one’s identity at protests. The city ordinance was proposed by Councilor Tim McCarthy, who argued that protesters were primarily using face…

LTE: In Response to: “Impeachment Talk was Overreaction”
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LTE: In Response to: “Impeachment Talk was Overreaction”

“If you supported diversity of opinion, you’d have spoken out against those who harassed Batsinelas and Mancini, who actively supported different opinions on campus, for breaking from commonly accepted beliefs during their campaign last year, or perhaps you’d have condemned the individual who asked friends to literally treat Michael Proietta like a toilet because of his ‘controversial’ opinions.”