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You Know You Love BC, XOXO, Op Girl
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You Know You Love BC, XOXO, Op Girl

Read it and weep, Boston College freshmen. It’s almost the end of the semester, and if you’ve made it this far, you’re almost guaranteed to be a cool 10 pounds lighter from skipping out on meals at Mac or from the relentless drip-drip-dripping of your nose thanks to the adorably named “BC Throat Tickle Pt….

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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Week Of Sept. 27

Thumbs Up  BENCH Amazon Hub Lockers are yet another begrudging testament to Amazon’s genius, and will most likely be featured as the next case study in the Digital Technologies: Strategies and Use course (for any freshmen in the Carroll School of Management looking for current events ideas). Whether it’s an emergency purchase of Advil, a…