BC Loses First Game Of Season In Shutout Against Stanford

The Eagles couldn’t seem to handle the California heat on Friday, as they fell 4-0 to Stanford University (2-0-0) for their first loss of the 2015 season. Coming off two wins from its first week back, Boston College sought to keep a strong opening streak and instead added one loss to its record.

The Eagles (2-1) got off to a rough start midway through the first half when key defenseman Coco Woeltz received a red card in the 25th minute. Stanford seized the opportunity and converted for its first goal of the game.

Forced to play man-down for the remainder of the game, the Eagles quickly fell behind the Cardinal. Stanford scored two more goals in the first half—one in the 32nd minute with a one-timer from Stephanie Amack off a crossbar rebound to advance the Cardinal 2-0 over the Eagles. One minute later, Stanford found its shot in the back of the net once again with a goal from Michelle Xiao. The half closed with a Stanford lead at 3-0.

Stanford picked up the energy right where it left off, with another score from Xiao 26 seconds into the second half. The Eagles kept the ball out of their goal box for the rest of the game, but could not save themselves from the shutout.

The team got some fresh legs on the field, starting Gaby Carriero and Amber Sterns. New keeper Alexis Bryant started her third career game and made five saves during her gametime. Senior keeper Alex Johnson stepped on the field for the first time as well this season and made three saves during her 14 minutes of playing time.

The Eagles will be back on the West Coast on Sunday as they face off with Pacific and look to add another win to their early season record.

Featured Image by Emily Fahey / Heights Senior Staff

August 30, 2015