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One Direction, Good Charlotte, and Coldplay In Singles This Week

One Direction – “History”

Though the newest single from One Direction is yet another lyrically challenged expression of yearning, this guitar-led, unpretentious track yields a level of earnestness from the feel-good beat that draws you in. Repetition is forgivable when it is done like this, with a simplicity that conveys the image of an impromptu jam-session, the same vision which makes the boyband equation so effective and immediate to its listeners. For fans and the uninterested alike, this pub-style song is one that can be sung along to by the second verse with utter confidence and enthusiasm.

Good Charlotte – “Makeshift Love” 

3 Stars

What might be the start of a new beginning for the much hailed pop-rock band, “Makeshift Love” is sent straight from the early 2000s nostalgia of millennials everywhere. The single keeps away from overproduction by retaining an element of the golden age of pop-punk that old fans will love. Bitter and accelerating, the sound highlights those odd gems of stripped down production and background vocals which are peppered all too infrequently throughout the song. The effort may lack a hook memorable enough to make it a smash hit, but it marks a solid new beginning nonetheless.

Coldplay – “Adventure of a Lifetime”

3 Stars

With a suspiciously electronic opening, Chris Martin slides into pop vocals in the opening words of this expansive track. The tinny background layering verges on distracting, but the moment when the song sinks into a heartbeat groove before punching back into a synth chorus is worth the listen alone. It’s a jangling dance song that feels intriguingly laid back, and somehow manages to avoid forcing itself into the overly eclectic.

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November 11, 2015

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