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Off-Campus 101: Tips for Living on Your Own

"There are many things that people do not tell you when you decide to live on your own—you have to communicate with a landlord, adhere to neighborhood and community rules, and keep track of many “small” things, like knowing when garbage pick up day is. Here are some tricks and tips regarding the things that people do not tell you when living off campus."

Taylor Connects Public Health With Positive Parenting

“Generally speaking, being exposed to violence isn’t helpful for children and can raise risks for these issues—antisocial behavior, more mental health problems like depression and anxiety, seeing violence as normative, being more violent, or future victimization,” Taylor said. “Not all children will suffer these repercussions, but there are greater risks to suffer from them.”

Sofia’s Guide to Thrifting in Boston

"An adventure to Thriftland—aka Cambridge—is incomplete without stopping at a few of my must-visit shops and experiencing all the different patterns, fabrics, and colors thrifting has to offer. Need some inspiration to embark on your journey? You’ve come to the right place!"