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Panagopoulos Pushes Liqueur Limits With KLEOS

Homer’s Iliad tells the story of mythic Greek soldiers like Achilles and Odysseus sieging the city of Troy in search of kleos—Greek for “renown” or “glory.” Homer’s exact birthplace is of scholarly debate, but some place it on the island of Chios. Now, roughly 29 centuries later, this same island would be a key site...
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Hecht Spotlights Chicago Theatre’s History in New Book

Since the first theatre performance in Chicago in 1834, the Chicago theatre community has experienced various obstacles from auditorium fires to the cancellation of in-person performances due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Among all of these challenges, something has remained constant—the community. Stuart Hecht, a professor in Boston College’s theatre department, believes theatre is about community,...

Fay Brings Personal Experiences to New Novel

“Being successful in the publishing world requires an enormous amount of luck,” Fay said. “I personally know plenty of good manuscripts that have not been published, and we’ve all read terrible books that have made it through. I feel very lucky to have been able to have the career that I have.”
Off-Campus Profiles

BC Alums Reimagine Remote Working With Dryfter

“Dryfter, as succinctly as possible, is a dedicated housing platform for remote workers,” Brett said. “People are going to want to spend extended periods of time in cool and interesting geographies across the U.S., and they want to make sure that wherever they are, whatever property they're at, regardless of the size of the group, it's well equipped for working from home.”