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Navigating a College Experience With an “Asterisk”: The Class of 2023 Reflects on Shifted BC Culture, Identity During COVID-19

Like many Boston College seniors hoping to take full advantage of their remaining days on the Heights, Kristen Donnelly said she and her friends have a bucket list to tackle before graduation.  This bucket list, Donnelly explained, is particularly important to her because the COVID-19 pandemic prevented her from doing many of the activities and...
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Tragedy, Recovery, and Community: Recounting and Reflecting 10 Years After the Boston Marathon Bombing

“In this weird twist of fate, out of something that was so evil and destructive, I got this glimpse into the really compassionate depths of humans,” Downes said. “It has supercharged me at times when I would otherwise have been really quite down and out. So I would love to find a way to bottle that all up and be able to give it to other people in their times of need as well.”
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Healing the Catholic Church in the 21st Century: C21 Center Celebrates Two Decades at BC

“I'm also really proud that the center is really looking to the future of the church, being young people with a particular focus,” Kiefer said. “Our commitment to having big conversations about roles and relationships in the church and the Catholic intellectual tradition … and constantly creating new opportunities to engage more people in important conversations about the importance of God.”