Homemade on the Heights


Homemade on the Heights: Banana Zucchini Muffins

Nothing says a delicious snack on the go quite like banana bread, muffins, and … zucchini? As weird as it sounds, adding zucchini to your typical muffin batter adds both nutrients and moisture to the bake. Its flavor is so mild, you can’t even taste it once it’s mixed in! To top it all off, who doesn’t like banana bread? Either as a quick breakfast, between-class snack, or late-night dessert, these tasty muffins are sure to satisfy even the pickiest veggie eater.

Campus Cocktails: A Roam Through Rome’s Best Cocktails

My trip to Rome was defined by taking in the world-famous ruins, eating more pasta than a human should in a year, and indulging in delicious cocktails and wine. Is my bank account completely done for? Yes. Would I do it all again in a heartbeat? Absolutely. If you’re looking for a slight taste of Italy, or Europe for that matter, give any of these drinks a shot this weekend.

Campus Cocktails: The Courtside

To make the Courtside, you’ll need a highball glass—a tall, skinny glass. Glassware is crucial when making a cocktail. Yes, I’ve skipped out on serving my drinks in the right glasses a number of times—it’s tricky to have a full cocktail set when you’re a college student. But if you can, opt for the highball glass for this drink. Other glasses include the coup glass, the martini glass (which we’ll be using for the next cocktail), and a rocks glass. Depending on which cocktail you want to make, you’ll have to decide which glass fits the bill.

Homemade on the Heights: Pepper Pasta

Every family has the recipe—the reliable dish that it can count on being served at least once a week and that it will never grow tired of, no matter how many times it’s made. For some, it’s spaghetti—for others, it’s Domino’s pizza. In my household, it’s my mom’s special pepper pasta.

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