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Campus Cocktails: The Final Rose

My fellow fans of The Bachelor know that Monday nights are sacred.

The 28th season of ABC’s hit show premiered on Jan. 22, and from the first episode, my roommates and I were hooked. Since then, every Monday night, we gather in our common room and faithfully watch to see who wins bachelor Joey Graziadei’s coveted roses.

I wanted to create a Bachelor-inspired cocktail for my friends and roommates to enjoy during our weekly viewing parties. The Final Rose is my twist on a classic cocktail—the Aperol spritz.

Instead of using the traditional ingredients of Aperol, prosecco, and club soda, I added cranberry juice and lime juice to give the cocktail a fruity and tart flavor. The dark red cranberry juice combined with the vibrant orange Aperol creates a beautiful, bright red color, similar to the roses given to contestants on The Bachelor.

Whether you are an Aperol fanatic or just looking for a good cocktail to sip while you watch next week’s episode of The Bachelor—I cannot wait for hometowns—this sweeter twist on an Aperol spritz is sure to be a hit.


DRINK: The Final Rose



For one serving 

2 oz. Aperol

4 oz. prosecco or sparkling wine (I used André) 

1 oz. club soda

1 oz. cranberry juice 

Splash of lime juice 



  1. Add Aperol, prosecco, cranberry juice, and lime juice to a wine glass with ice. Stir using a spoon or straw.
  2. Top with club soda and enjoy. 
March 10, 2024