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Music Guild Introduces New Acts at Fall Band Showcase

Music Guild’s annual Fall Band Showcase saw a palpable shift in tone that set the event apart from those of years prior. In Boston College’s recent memory, the bands born of the student organization have leaned heavily on alternative rock—Shady Lady, Unit One—and modern funk—Funky Giant, Juice—to craft their individual sounds. Thursday night’s iteration of the event saw the introduction of new sounds to the club’s usual lineup with psychedelic rock and screamo. 

Student bands took a makeshift stage in the Vanderslice Cabaret Room to perform originals and covers alike. Faxi Moto, a newcomer psychedelic band fronted by Kyle Maldijan, MCAS ’20, played two originals, the latter of which had an upbeat hockey stadium piano beat that ironically bucked against the angsty lyrics. 

“Those two were originals, but this one’s a cover so it’s gonna be good,” Maldijan joked before launching into an incendiary cover of The Animals’ “House of the Rising Sun” that saw Enric Adillon, MCAS ’20, drop his keyboard to the ground to play the song’s iconic solo.

Later in the night, Greycliff—who went by Haze Surfer last year—found comfort in self-deprecating comedic relief. 

“We used to be Haze Surfer,” lead singer Cory Normand said between Greycliff’s intense screamo torrents. “Now we’re Greycliff and we suck a little less.”

John Braniff, MCAS ’20, is the only BC student in the band, which played a cover of Foo Fighters’ “Everlong,” in addition to several originals characterized by Normand’s guttural screams that sometimes teetered on indecipherable. 

Sleepwalkers, another newcomer on the Music Guild scene, debuted one original and covers of “Ain’t No Sunshine” and “Superstition,” the latter of which featured a strong keyboard section á la Stevie Wonder.

Returning bands included Word on the Street, a 2019 Battle of the Bands finalist, and Tough Lettuce, whose lead singer Matty Hogan, CSOM ’22, told the crowd that the band has an unintentionally rotating lineup. Word on the Street performed an electric set of four originals, the last of which saw an energetic guitar solo from Peter Toronto, co-president of Music Guild and MCAS ’20, who stood on an amp at the front of the stage. Alex Eichler, also a co-president of Music Guild and MCAS ’20, carried the band out of its final song with a heavy-handed drum finish.

Tough Lettuce closed out the show with two originals and a cover of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ “Under The Bridge.” During “Whatever Floats Your Boat,” some audience members sang along to the catchy lyrics. 

thefineprint.’s performance was the indisputable highlight of the night. Having released its debut album kites and body bags on March 11, the duo filled out its sound with polished recordings from the album. The group—of which Caleb Savari, CSOM ’22, is the lead singer and guitarist—covered Post Malone’s “I Fall Apart,” the band’s drumline giving the melancholic song more of a bite.

Correction, Nov. 12, 12:23 a.m.: A previous version of this article stated that Word on the Street performed 3 songs. The band, in fact, performed 4 songs.

Featured Image by Kaitlin Meeks / Heights Senior Staff

November 11, 2019