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Bryce Vine Lights Up the Night at Stokes Set

Stokes Lawn. By day, a charming green area where Boston College students study, enjoy their lunch, or throw a frisbee with friends. By night, for one night in September, it transforms into an effervescent amphitheater filled with neon lights and a lively crowd of concert goers. The annual Stokes Set concert put on by the Campus Activities Board (CAB) Saturday night was a splendid night of live music. 

DOUBLECAMP, a band out of Nashville, began the evening. The indie group was led by Joe Neary and Jordan Burmeister. It appeared as though they made a quick stop at the BC Bookstore before their set, as they were decked out in BC apparel. The group was reminiscent of Rex Orange County but with a slight southern flair, and the lead singer had a rich sound that was almost Adam Levine–like. “Confetti” and “Dreamers” were both standout tunes, but its entire set was impressive. DOUBLECAMP is newer on the music scene, but this performance made certain that it has a very promising future in the industry. 

As the sun slowly set on Chestnut Hill, then came the main act of the night: Bryce Vine. A singer and rapper with distinct R&B influences, Vine has continued to gain a considerable following ever since releasing his first two EPs, Lazy Fair (2014) and Night Circus (2016). His first album, Carnival was also a success, featuring the hit singles “La La Land” and “Drew Barrymore,” which both made the Billboard Hot 100 list. 

A former student at the Berklee College of Music, Vine’s performance was particularly special, as he made his return to Boston. It was at Berklee that he took on the stage name of Bryce Vine—“Vine” being short for vinyl records. 

Vine’s set featured a delightful mixture of songs that were both old and new. Some seemed to be more unfamiliar tunes to the audience, while others like “Sunflower Seeds” and “Glamorama” had the crowd enthusiastically singing along. He also performed some tracks from his latest EP, Problems (2020), as well as his most recent collaboration with lovelytheband, “Miss You A Little,” which came out in August. He said this was currently his favorite song to perform and it showed. Vine’s encore included “Drew Barrymore,” “Guilty Pleasure,” and “Sour Patch Kids,” which were all fan favorites. 

It was special to see so many students gathered together to enjoy the thrill of live music once again. Vine said he was especially enthusiastic about being on stage again after months of not being able to perform for an audience. 

Whether a big Bryce Vine fan prior to the concert or just experiencing his music for the first time, it was an exhilarating evening for everyone under the stars. Vine’s music isn’t particularly moving, but his performance was certainly entertaining. At the least, it probably inspired some students to head back to their dorms and munch on some Sour Patch Kids candy with their friends. 

Photos Courtesy of Leo Wang / Heights Staff

September 19, 2021