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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Week Of Dec. 6

Thumbs Up:

  • Back to School
    • Being back on campus after the break is like a breath of fresh air. Sharing a room with siblings back home for a few days is enough to make students who once longed for the comfort of their own beds leap for joy at the thought of snuggling into their raised twin-XLs. There might be family tensions or boredom at home, but simply missing the beauty that is Boston College is enough to remind students that school is a true home away from home. 
  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales
    • You’ve probably heard the squeak of shiny new shoes, the jingle of new jewelry, and the rustle of crisp new puffer jackets across campus this week, marking yet another year of successful Black Friday shopping sprees. The Friday after Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to get the most bang for your buck by taking advantage of the countless sales in stores and online. Keep an eye out because some Cyber Monday sales are still going strong, so if you missed the initial in-store anarchy, have no fear, there’s bound to be something left for you! And be sure to mark your calendar for the day after Christmas—prices are sure to drop then, making for another day of (slightly) guilt-free money spending. 

Thumbs Down: 

  • Moody Weather 
    • A new, nastier, and nose-biting chill in the air welcomed students back to school after Thanksgiving, along with a few mild flurries. Together they officially signified the start of the winter months. That new nip in the air during morning walks to class might have students running for their full-length parkas, but constant vigilance is always required to keep up with the ever-changing weather. One bitter winter day can easily be followed by a balmy spring-like one. Check the weather constantly or risk sweltering in your layers during those afternoon walks to class. 
  • Pre-Finals Week Slog
    • It almost seemed pointless for students to come back to campus for a mere three weeks, only to be scattered across the country once more for Winter Break. Those three measly weeks are all that stand between students and their friends, family, and a home-cooked meal. The mountain of work and finals in the next few weeks must be climbed before students can even begin to sink into the vacation mindset. 
December 5, 2021