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Breaking out of the Bubble: A Guide to the Best Coffee Study Spots in Boston

With final exam season coming up, the endless rotation of studying at O’Neill, Bapst, and 245 Beacon St. is bound to get repetitive. Hunkering down at an off-campus cafe is the perfect way to both break out of the Boston College bubble while being productive.

To save you time and effort from searching for a study spot off campus, here are a few places around Boston that will give you a change of scenery, as well as the perfect environment to help you focus on your work. 

The Sipping Room by Breeze 

Located on Boston’s Jersey Street, The Sipping Room is a small cafe. If you prefer a more quiet, natural-light environment with less people around you, The Sipping Room is the perfect place for you. What’s also special about this cafe is that they serve coffee and tea from various countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, and Thailand. Trying different types of coffee is a great way to stay energized while working.

Tous Les Jours in Newton 

For days when you don’t want to make the trip to Boston, you can try this new bakery in Newton Centre, just a 20-minute walk from Upper Campus. It offers a wide variety of pastries, coffee, and dessert. Tous Les Jours is more of a grab-and-go kind of cafe, but there are plenty of available seats and tables to do work at, even on the weekends. 

Tatte Bakery & Cafe in Newton

If you want to eat a proper meal while studying all day, Tatte is the place for you. While there are several Tatte Bakery & Cafes all around Boston, there is one located at Newton Centre. Tatte Bakery & Cafe serves the best oat milk vanilla lattes, which is a perfect addition to your study session. If you don’t mind working with a bustle around you, then try out Tatte. It can get busy around lunchtime over the weekends, but it is one of my favorite study spots near campus. 

Blue Bottle Coffee at The Street Chestnut Hill

Blue Bottle is the best cafe if you are looking to get some sunlight while studying. It is very spacious with lots of benches and tables outside if you want to move around. Just a quick walk from campus, it serves coffee and brunch foods like avocado toast, but there are definitely fewer options than other cafes. The best part about Blue Bottle is that it is conveniently located in a strip mall, so there are restaurants and other stores you can visit after your study session.

Thinking Cup on Tremont St

Thinking Cup has more of a cozy but louder study atmosphere compared to other cafes, and it definitely is a far trip from campus. Besides that, it has amazing breakfast sandwiches and bagels in addition to the coffee. Though it’s farther than the other cafes, it is right across from Boston Common, which serves as the perfect place for a relaxing walk as a study break.

April 29, 2022