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Morgan’s Guide to Unconventional Boston Activities

We all know the feeling. It’s the second semester, there are no more football games, and fewer and fewer hockey games are included with your Gold Pass. It simply feels like there’s nothing to do. Boston College is great, but let’s be honest—we all get bored sometimes. We’ve all journeyed to the aquarium, the Museum of Fine Arts, and Newbury Street too many times, and can our wallets really take another $30 meal plus tip? Well, lucky for you, I have some solutions to cure your boredom. So, stop obsessively studying and glooming, and read my tips for some unconventional and fun ways to explore Boston!

Allston Billiards

If you’re looking for a relaxed activity, check out Allston Billiards. This small, low-key pool hall is located close to campus and can be accessed via the B line of the T. In case you’re not familiar, pool halls are establishments where customers pay to play pool. At Allston Billiards, the rate is $15 an hour per person, which makes it relatively affordable for college students looking for a fun night out. All pool players, regardless of skill level, are welcome. Allston Billiards also sells no-frills food and drinks, but if you want to save extra money, you can eat beforehand. If you’re looking for a chill night out with a small group of friends, I strongly recommend Allston Billiards.

Boda Borg

If you’re craving adventure, Boda Borg is perfect for you. It is a bit further away from campus but worth the journey. Located in Malden, Massachusetts and accessible via the T, the establishment offers a quest adventure extravaganza tailored for groups of two to five people. The concept is similar to an escape room—you are given clues to help you solve the challenges inside the room and “escape.” But at Boda Borg, you can choose what kinds of rooms and puzzles you want to solve and try as many rooms as you want! Mental challenges are marked by a green triangle on top of an entrance door, a mix of mental and physical challenges by a red triangle, and purely physical puzzles by a black triangle. I recommend doing the red or black rooms—my favorites were “Alcatraz,” “Superbanan,” and “Platoon.” Each team gets an unlimited amount of attempts and clues to conquer their quests. The cost is $28 per person for two hours of puzzle-solving.

Knight Moves

My final recommendation is Knight Moves, a board game cafe located in Brookline. It’s close to campus and accessible via the C line of the T. Knight Moves is great for groups of all sizes because you can find a board game fit for whatever number of players you have. The premise is simple: grab a table, eat some food, and play whichever game you choose from its wide selection. Even though I lost every game I played, I still highly recommend two games I tried out—the Great American Mail Race, a game created by the United States Postal Service where players compete to deliver the most mail, and Priorities, a game where you guess how your friends rank five random things on a scale of “love to loathe.”

Knight Moves is $10 per person on weeknights and $15 on weekends and holidays. They offer a typical cafe menu with coffees, smoothies, and sandwiches. You can bring your own snacks and drinks for an additional $5 fee per person.

These unconventional spots provide unique and affordable ways to get off campus when you’re tired of trekking to Walsh parties or Barcelona Wine Bar for tapas. Boredom feels inevitable at this time of year, but hopefully, these locations can serve as an easy fix to your mid-semester blues.

February 8, 2023