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Aminé Performs Alternative Hip-Hop Hits at Annual Modstock Concert

On a rainy afternoon on the last day of classes on Thursday, Boston College students arrived in raincoats and colorful concert attire to see Aminé headline the 2023 Modstock concert, held by the Campus Activities Board (CAB). The annual performance followed Mudstock, an event featuring mud volleyball games. These end-of-year traditions are special for many seniors looking to squeeze in their final memories at BC ahead of commencement. 

Tickets to Modstock quickly sold out days after CAB announced the headlining act. Rapper Aminé performed on campus with his openers Jamsexual, the winner of BC’s Best, and pop artist CVBZ.

Jamsexual began the performance shortly after the gates opened at 5 p.m., performing crowd-pleasing covers of pop and rock hits. Dressed in tie-dyed white jumpsuits, the student band enthusiastically played to incoming students. Jamsexual’s set included “Life is a Highway” by Rascal Flatts and “Everybody Talks” by Neon Trees. The band also played its original track “Rockstar Song.” 

CVBZ followed Jamsexual, and colorful patterns and spiraling shapes appeared on a screen behind him as he sang dance-pop songs. Few audience members cheered when CVBZ asked the crowd if people had listened to his tracks. The crowd’s reaction to the artist’s performance was mixed. Some chanted for Aminé to take the stage sooner, while others stood motionless as the set proceeded. 

Nonetheless, CVBZ continued his set, playing “Vicodin,” and “Feels Great,” his song with Cheat Codes and Fetty Wap. The set also included a cover of “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac. CVBZ sang and danced across the stage, pairing his vocals with an electronic-autotune sound that persists throughout his discography. 

While talking to the audience, CVBZ jokingly referenced BC’s Jesuit faith.

“In the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit, please don’t let me swear in this set, each one is a $100 fine,” CVBZ said. 

The set concluded as CVBZ waved a maroon BC flag across the stage, arousing loud cheers from students. He then gave the flag away to the crowd and students took turns waving it high above the pit. 

Aminé’s DJ entertained students prior to the rapper’s set, playing hits by Playboi Carti and Drake. The crowd rose in volume and excitement with every song transition, some even forming mini–mosh pits with friends. 

After nearly half an hour of waiting, Aminé entered to a cheering audience. Sporting a baby blue puffer outfit, Aminé immediately commented on the cold weather Boston possesses. 

The screen behind the singer displayed short messages with a solid pastel color backdrop that changed with each song. It displayed phrases such as “I’m watching Aminé holy shit,” and “I think it’s meant 2 b.” 

Purple spotlights lit up Aminé as he began his set, playing his biggest hits to the audience. He began his set with “Mad Funny Freestyle,” interrupting the track to tell students to get rowdy because it was his last night in Boston. 

“I think I’ve been to every college in Boston,”  Aminé said. “You guys know how to turn up. You are not squares, you guys are cool.” 

Throughout his set, Aminé interspersed self-empowerment messages to the audience, instructing students to tell themselves that they are beautiful. He followed “Mad Funny Freestyle,” with “4EVA,” a collaborative project between Aminé and Kaytranada. 

Aminé played “STFU” and “Yellow” before asking the audience another question. 

“I got a really, really serious question for you all tonight, super serious,” Aminé said. “Everyone put on your serious face. … Are there any spice girls in this motherf—ker?”

The crowd cheered before rapping along to “Spice Girl.” The bass on the track boomed beyond the stage as students jumped. The track ended with a transition into “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls. 

“Heebiejeebies” included a call and response between the artist and the audience, and the music cut out in the chorus lines to allow for students’ voices to be heard. 

Modstock ended with Aminé’s most popular songs “Caroline” and “REEL IT IN.” After Aminé thanked the crowd for showing up, students promptly left the Mod Lot. 

May 7, 2023