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Sexual Chocolate’s ‘The Big Show: Total Chocolate Island’ Runs Wild

On Friday night, students rushed into Robsham Theater, filling every seat to await the highly anticipated Sexual Chocolate showcase. Publicized throughout the week with stunts like an impromptu step performance in McElroy Commons, the show commemorated 25 years of Sexual Chocolate.

The all-male step team celebrated with a quirky theme: “Total Chocolate Island,” complementing its dance performances with comical acting and unique skit storylines. 

Starting off strong, the show opened with a spicy and energetic number from Boston College’s Latin dance team, Fuego del Corazón. The group’s dance moves were rigorous and perfectly executed, accompanied by a fierce stage presence. 

As the lights dimmed and a spotlight shined on the members, Sexual Chocolate greeted the audience with a classic step routine. The group’s aura was strong, and each step was precise as the dancers hit beats perfectly in sync.

The audience was enthralled as the first skit started. A short video sketch introduced the members of the dance team as different contestants on the fictional “Total Chocolate Island” game show. 

The game show host, played by Dylan Duncan, MCAS ’26, and the chef, played by Levi Ngabirano, CSOM ’25, led the contestants on a whimsical journey of ridiculous competitions and incidents. The challenges included running up the “stairs of death,” eating BC’s infamous chicken and two sides, and an amusing game of Family Feud.  

The team members’ acting skills and chemistry with one another was heartening and entertaining to watch. Their camaraderie was also evident in their short dance segments to “Rack City” by Tyga and “Public Service Announcement” by Jay-Z. The dancers clapped and jumped in-sync, all with the same confidence. 

The dance numbers and goofy skits complemented each other well. The distinctive personalities of the characters played by the team helped bring out the unique attributes of Sexual Chocolate, including the humorous and fun side of the team. 

The appearance from the ladies of F.I.S.T.S., BC’s all-women step team, was a crowd favorite. Sexual Chocolate incorporated F.I.S.T.S.’s dance number in the skit. As F.I.S.T.S.’s jet crashed into the game show host’s house, the members tried to find a way back. The talented members of F.I.S.T.S. danced across the stage as part of their journey, showing their steps alongside Sexual Chocolate. 

In one of the final skits, Sexual Chocolate faced a final cooking challenge. The contestant “Axel Punk,” the nonchalant, rock-and-roll emo played by Miki Sauska, MCAS ’25, ultimately won Total Chocolate Island. 

Just as the audience thought the show was coming to an end, Sexual Chocolate surprised the audience with a final passionate and meticulous performance. The members came down from the back of the theater for a three-song encore, handing out roses to the audience for the Valentine’s Day season. 

Sexual Chocolate closed the show with raunchy songs “Liquor” by Chris Brown and “Exchange” by Bryson Tiller, then showing off its energetic side to “D O D O” by Tayc. The punchy final dances were choreographed by Kewrys Berroa, MCAS ’27, Cheikh Fall, MCAS ’27, Chris Major, MCAS ’26, Cyrus Rosen, MCAS ’25, and Ngabirano.

In its iconic Timberland boots and denim look, the team finished with the famed Sexual Chocolate step routine, incorporating sensual dance moves and strong beats. The final moment that got the audience out of their seats was BC Dance Ensemble’s (BCDE) surprise number. 

The two teams performed duets to “1st Position” by Kehlani, which was choreographed by Major, Rosen, and Ngabirano in collaboration with Maddy Jones, MCAS ’24, and Shelby Colvin, MCAS ’25, from BCDE. 

The showcase was a combination of humor and dedicated dance, showing both the passion and community of Sexual Chocolate. The members huddled in a circle for their final cheer as “Total Chocolate Island” came to an end. 

February 18, 2024