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Annie Sommers Back In Business After Injuries

By: Alex Stanley

For the Pasadena, Calif. native, softball has always been an important facet of life. Having a father who played both minor league and college baseball, Sommers grew up in a household surrounded by baseball and softball, starting with tee ball and transitioning into travel softball when she was in high school. 

Softball, Spring, Sports

Breaking Back

By: Alex Stanley

Relief pitcher Jordan Weed stepped up to the plate to bat as sunlight began to fade on the windy Shea Field and the softball game against UMass Amherst stretched into 10 innings. Weed gripped the bat-the Eagles were down 3-2-and swung, sending a hard line drive into center field. Two players touched home base, and Boston College immediately defeated the Minutewomen 4-2 in a walk-off win Wednesday night.

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