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At the John Marshall Project, Dialogue Has No Confines

“I think the opportunity for a truly enlightening liberal education begins to appear when students are made aware of this possibility that the ground on which they are walking is not as secure as they thought it was,” DiPasquale said. “To speak to those who have different opinions is—and should be regarded as—a gift.”




iEdit: Flaherty’s Foggy Journey of Self-Reflection

Fog steams off the reservoir with a flick as I descend, snug in the anonymity of the mist. This is not our reservoir, though, not the one below the Heights. The setting is similar: gravel path, stoney coast, perhaps a few more trees, but an element of unfamiliarity lingers in the air. This is untrodden ground. This is the world I found myself in as I journeyed into the mind of The Heights’ Editor-in-Chief Erin Flaherty via her meticulously selected playlist. Each bend throughout the track leads me further along this path, evincing a new detail with each new theme.




Gallery: Showdown 2024

UGBC’s AHANA+ Leadership Council hosted the annual Showdown competition on Saturday, giving a spotlight to all of Boston College’s dance troupes. While it was another competitive night in Conte Forum, BC F.I.S.T.S. placed first, Synergy Hip Hop Dance Company placed second, BC Irish Dance placed third, and PATU won the title of Crowd Choice. Photo...