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TU/TD: Spring Break Oh So Close


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Spring Break OH So Close – Even with the absurd number of snow days that we’ve had, there somehow still hasn’t been an opportunity to catch up on much sleep. Spring Break is the perfect time to knock down three days in a row of straight sleep, and that’s exactly what we plan on doing. For our comrades that are going somewhere warmer, we’re not entirely jealous—our warm bed is the only thing we need right now.


Just Taking a Break – But since Spring Break is far enough away that you can’t really start thinking about it because there’s just too much stuff to do, taking an hour on a day to sit down and do something absolutely mindless is the best alternative option that we have. Even if that alternative is staring at a wall. Sneaking in a nap is ideal. We all have time in our day, we just have to pay attention to where it is and how we can take advantage of it.


Teachers Who Love What They Teach – You can see it in their eyes and the way they move about the room. Nothing can slow them down, and the material they are talking about is sparked with passion that comes from somewhere deep. If you think back on the best teachers that you’ve had in your life, they were always the one that loved the material that they assigned. You were able to picture the exact kind of teacher I was just talking about, weren’t you? Have you been to that teacher’s office hours recently? If not, go. Those are the connections you need to foster, even if the last time you saw them was the at end of your first semester freshman year.

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Artic Temperatures –  If you stay outside for 20 minutes, you really do feel like you’re close to getting frostbite. Snow is great, but the cold is just too much. It was hard enough to get up in the morning, but now we have to fight extra hard against the notion that we won’t freeze on our walk to the shower.

Sleeping through Alarms – Speaking of getting up in the morning, the only thing that can make sleeping through an alarm worse is having a nightmare about sleeping through an alarm while sleeping through an alarm. Your head shoots up, and even though there is no way of knowing, you just know. You lunge for your phone and see that you have exactly 14 minutes to make it to your class. The day then becomes a wild goose chase until you put your head back down on the pillow late at night.

Featured Image by Arthur Bailin / Heights Editor

February 18, 2015