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Bostonians Trade Verses and Voices in Intimate Performance

With their latest performance, the Bostonians lived up to their name. At Saturday’s Spring Cafe, the group made Boston proud with their latest performance, playing to a packed room this past Saturday in McGuinn Hall. The audience was filled with friends, family, and Bostonians alumni, who sat in the second row. The men and women of the Bostonians donned black dresses, heels, and button downs. Dimly lit with twinkling lights, the room was set to create an intimate environment for the audience. These lights illuminated the singers of each set and allowed for a special focus on the individuals of the Bostonians.

During many of the songs, the entirety of the Bostonians were involved, with a soloist singing the melody and chorus of a song, while the rest of the group provided background music. The majority of the group pieces were led by music director Paul Wagenseller, MCAS ’16.

One of the freshmen in the group, Will Supple, MCAS ’19, recently won this year’s Sing it to the Heights competition. The talented singer sang “So. Good.” by Johnny Stimson. The second he finished, people jumped out of their seats to give him a standing ovation.

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Ben Stevens, CSOM ’18, performed the song Supple won Sing it to the Heights with—“Tennessee Whiskey.” It was a different, though still great performance. After beatboxing in most of the previous songs, it was a nice change of pace to hear Stevens solo.

Paul Wagenseller’s “Mr. Brightside” was another standout. The senior had such energy and animation throughout his performance. He was jumping, lunging, and fully engaging himself in his performance. Part of his performance also had an interactive component, as Wagenseller reached out his hands to the members of the alumni section of the audience. He had so much fun performing that it seemed as though the audience couldn’t resist being absorbed.

On of the most memorable performances was “You Make Me Feel So Young,” performed by Aram Barmakian, MCAS ’18. The singer sounded just like Frank Sinatra and caught the audience by surprise.

At the very end of the show, the Bostonians called up their alumni to perform one last piece with them—“Love the One You’re With” by Crosby, Stills, & Nash, which is often performed at the end of Bostonians’ performances. Three of the freshman girls in the group each took a turn on a verse.

Featured Image by Julia Hopkins / Heights Editor

March 21, 2016

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