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Hailee Steinfeld Climbs the Charts with ‘Let Me Go’

Hailee Steinfeld is on the rise. Her new music is resonating with fans and climbing the charts.  The twenty-year old just released her latest music video for “Let Me Go” on Oct. 26 and the video already has 785,000 views on YouTube.

The video features scenes of Steinfeld and friends spending time together in California. The camera pans to breathtaking scenes of the beach, views from a golf cart, a party in the backyard of a house, on the basketball court shooting hoops, fooling around and in the car along the coast. There is something really cool the director does with the camera that filters the scene with a pink and blue coloration, playing on the classic, breathtaking California skyline. It adds to the relaxed, warm feel the video has. Another really cool decision in the filming was the frame from which the video was shot. Parts of the video are angled and look as like an actual person watching everything. Other parts appear to be coming from videos shot on an iPhone and other cameras.

The video showcases beautiful scenic shots that focus the singer and friends goofing around together. The compilation video has a certain personal feel, somewhat similar to a home video. It shows personal Steinfeld fumbling with a ping pong ball in a match and running away from a friend holding a wiggling sea creature up to her.

While the music video doesn’t really seem to address the lyrics of the song that deal with the relationship that has ended, it seems to work well for the song. It picks up on the carefree feel the instrumentation of the song captures and celebrates Steinfeld and her relationships with her friends.  It’s an intimate view into the life of the singer and feels extremely special. Fans will enjoy the chance to have this exclusive close up view of the singer and her life.

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October 29, 2017