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BC Accepts 27 Percent of 2022 Applicants

Boston College accepted 8,400 students out of over 31,000 total applications for admission to the Class of 2022, making for a 27 percent acceptance rate, Director of Undergraduate Admission John Mahoney said in an interview on Friday. Last year, BC accepted 9,200 students, with an acceptance rate of 32 percent.

In total, applications for the Class of 2022 increased 9 percent from last year. The accepted number combines the Early Action admission pool with the Regular Decision pool. In December, the University admitted 3,170 students, for an early action acceptance rate of 31 percent.

The mean SAT for accepted students was 1448. Last year, the middle 50 percent of SAT test takers admitted to BC ranged between 1310 and 1450. The mean ACT score this year was 33, one point higher than last year.

Mahoney said that the Office of Undergraduate Admission is aiming for a class size of 2,300 students. Accepted students hail from all 50 states, and about 10 percent are international. In the Class of 2021, which currently has 2,412 students, international students come from 41 different countries and make up 8 percent of the class.

BC’s combined undergraduate and graduate international student population has risen significantly in recent years, growing from 1,606 last year to 1,751 this year, a new record for the University, while total enrollment has remained relatively stable at just above 14,000 students.

Mahoney also said that over 30 percent of accepted students are AHANA. BC’s Class of 2021 is the most diverse in the University’s history, with AHAHA students constituting 31 percent of the freshman class.

The Office of Undergraduate Admission will spend the month of April ensuring that it enrolls the highest quality Class of 2022 and attains its goal yield. It plans to hold 15 yield receptions across the country and two Admitted Eagle Days on campus. Special programming will also happen every Tuesday and Thursday at 11 a.m., with an information session, panel, and tour for admitted students. The Student Admission Program will also begin calling all admitted students.

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March 26, 2018