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Collaborative a Cappella Show Warms Audience With Tunes and Beach Attire

Three of Boston College’s a cappella groups—the Acoustics, the Bostonians, and the Common Tones of Boston College—came together on Friday, dressed colorfully in Hawaiian shirts, sunglasses, and leis. The beach-themed performance, called Stix, Stones, and Tones, showcased many of BC’s exceptionally talented singers with a series of solos from a variety of genres. 

The Acoustics’ First Round

The Acoustics were the first to perform, as Peter Pinto, MCAS ’22, sang a splendid rendition of “Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood. The group followed Pinto’s solo with a powerful performance of Demi Lovato’s “Dancing with the Devil.”

The Common Tones Take On Pop Royalty

The Common Tones opened with “All I Ask” by Adele. With their bold song choice, the singers set out to capture Adele’s vocal and emotional prowess as they exhibited the emotion of the heartfelt ballad. John Ross, Lynch ’23, brought an entirely different dynamic to the Common Tones’ set with his performance of Lizzo’s “Juice.” 

The Bostonians Turn to Country

More students, appropriately dressed in beach attire, filtered into the lecture hall when it was the Bostonians’ turn to take the stage. The deep voice of Samuel Buhl, MCAS ’23, was perfect for his performance of Hozier’s “Movement.” Emma Schaufus, MCAS ’23, and Anna McCabe, MCAS ’24, stole the show with their outstanding solos. They both brought a little country twang to the show, with Schaufus singing Carrie Underwood’s “Drinking Alone” and McCabe singing a mashup of “Bust Your Windows” by Jazmine Sullivan and another hit by Underwood, “Before He Cheats.” They sang with clear tones and control that made their performance seem effortless.

The Acoustics Deliver Moving Finale

Just when the audience thought the show had concluded, Jason Xue, MCAS ’25, entered with an unanticipated beatboxing interlude. The audience seemed surprised by this venture away from a cappella, but as soon as Xue pulled his harmonica out of his pocket, they were on their feet and applauding the freshman’s unique skills. 

The Acoustics closed out the evening with a beautiful solo by Francesca Giangiulio, MCAS ’23, to “Yoü and I” by Lady Gaga. 

Showcase Demonstrates the Strength of A Cappella Community

Joseph Fluehr, MCAS ’23, is part of the Bostonians, but he also acted as the host, DJ, and audio technician of the evening. Fluehr delivered a closing message about the groups’ collaboration that evening.  

“It’s so exciting being able to perform with other groups on campus,” Fluehr said. “The Acoustics and the Common Tones are always so much fun and bring a new excitement to performing. It’s a great tradition that I’m glad we brought back, and we hope to keep it going in the future.” 

Featured Images by Edward Mooney / For the Heights

February 13, 2022