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The Chainsmokers’ New Album Feels Complete With the ‘Think Of Us’ Music Video

“Think Of Us” is a fun, and far less sad, addition to the relationship issues album.

Grammy Award–winning duo The Chainsmokers released the music video for their song “Think Of Us” on Oct. 20. Featuring rising British singer-songwriter GRACEY, the song is the second track on their album Summertime Friends and is an upbeat, pop-electronic ballad typical of The Chainsmokers’ style. 

“Think Of Us” is the oft-told tale of two ex-lovers. The lyrics show the two reminiscing on their time together with fondness and wondering if they can rekindle their relationship. The chorus and narrative leave the listener wanting, but the song’s steady, electric beat is still enjoyable. 

“I still think, do you still think of us? / I still wonder, do you wanna touch? / If you could, would you still call me up? / Do you still think of us?” GRACEY sings.

The music video is a medley of 90s-esque aesthetic shots that pair well with the kitschy vibe of the song. Riddled with contrasts between jewel tones, sepia filters, and grainy images, the video’s atmosphere is trendy in all the best ways. 

The video follows no discernible plot and does not abide by the lyrics’ narrative. Instead, it follows an artistically and fashionably dressed woman as she dances and runs around various locations in an urban setting. The video is a fun and bouncy journey with no discernable destination, but the woman’s aesthetics and attitude give the video new life. 

The camera work and videography of the new music video are interesting and even applaudable as a creative decision. 

Throughout the video, GRACEY sings directly to the camera as it moves itself in relation to her position. The effect is subtle, but it mobilizes the song in a way that excuses the video’s lack of a plot. At certain points, too, the shots shift as though taken by a disposable camera, which serves to highlight the informal and flippant attitude of the main figure in the video. 

While the majority of “Think Of Us” is not necessarily deep, the lyrics take a turn in the second verse. GRACEY and The Chainsmokers’ vocalist Andrew Taggart, in a split second of profundity amid the unsophisticated lyrics of the song, sing about the struggle of moving on. 

“But still I don’t, don’t like knowing that you’re not on your own / Can someone tell my ego ’cause she won’t let me let it go / She’s obsessing and guessing answers to things she’ll never know,” the vocalists sing.

The song’s catchy, upbeat rhythm disguises the subject matter of the song itself, and these lyrics are a hidden tribute to the difficulty of understanding one’s relationship when that relationship has ended. 

The artistic choices of the video are not groundbreaking, and the lyrics are, for the most part, a buy-in for today’s pop music scene. With that in mind, for a song where substance is a second thought and good vibes take center stage, the music video matches the song in an implicit way. There is no substance to the song or video, but neither were meant to do more than provide a steady beat and fun aesthetic.

November 12, 2023