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Grillo’s Greatness: From Wooden Cart to Wholesale Celebrity

The face of the brand is “Sam-Sam the Pickle Man.” 

Sam-Sam adorns each jar of pickles and exudes a cool, calm, and collected look as he lounges in a laid-back chair sporting a trucker hat and dark sunglasses.

Everyone has their go-to, feel-good food when they are down in the dumps. Whether it’s chocolate, pizza, ice cream, or some other unhealthy treat, we all have something we crave when the times get bleak.

Personally, my go-to binge snack is a little unorthodox—nothing heals my soul and brightens my day like a good pickle. A Grillo’s brand pickle, to be exact. 

I’ve enjoyed pickles most of my life, but I never really jumped on the Grillo’s bandwagon until recently. For as long as I can remember, I’ve stuck to Vlasic Classics and Gherkins. But then, I fell in love with the out-of-body experience that is the taste of Grillo’s. Not only this, but I also have come to adore their company’s journey and values

Travis Grillo started Grillo’s Pickles with a dream and a wooden cart. He went on to expand his operation into a pickle empire, creating a widespread demand for these one-of-a-kind and delicious dill snacks. Grillo’s pickles have become extremely popular in a wave of healthy living and clean eating trends. 

When Travis Grillo first began his pickle cart journey, people told him he would amount to nothing. His story is certainly a testament to the importance of a good pickle, but it also speaks volumes to how far a little bit of effort and dedication can go for a business or cause. 

Pickles, which were once a grimy and messy food, are now seen as healthy and trendy. Grillo boasts a “Gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, Kosher, and Weight Watchers” friendly product, compatible with many diets and cultures. They have also expanded their business to now include selling apparel and accessories. 

As you might have assumed, I do sport my own Grillo’s pickle t-shirt from time to time. Even further than its merch campaign, Grillo’s is known for its hilarious social media pages, printable coloring sheets, and online comics

As I’ve gotten more and more into Grillo’s and learned about the company’s rise to popularity, it’s made me stop to think about my own journey. I like to think I’m currently in my pickle-cart phase. 

I am working now to get a job and finish up my senior year here at BC, and I’m not really sure what to expect next. Life right now is exciting and scary all at once. But Travis Grillo’s story reminds me that it’s not where you start, it’s where you finish. Even if things aren’t going my way, I remember not to give up. Instead, I force myself to push through the adversity, and maybe one day my pickle cart will evolve like Grillo’s has. 

But until then, I will continue to snack on some Pickle de Gallo, breathing in the potent and inspiring aroma of pickle brine.

February 27, 2024