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Pitbull’s ‘Get Ready’ Music Video Mixes Miami With Country

Country music is good, and Latin pop is good. But nothing good can come of a song that mixes the two together. Pitbull’s latest release, “Get Ready” featuring Blake Shelton, is quite possibly his worst single in years—and the accompanying music video is even worse. The senseless video starts off with Pitbull saying, “Blake, this is far from the 305, Miami, Magic City lights” as the two sit on a porch together. Shelton responds, “Yeah, welcome to the countryside.” And from this moment on, the video digs itself deeper and deeper into a hole, making it hard to even finish watching the three-and-a-half minute clip. 

For the first half of the video, Pitbull’s usual array of bikini-clad backup dancers sport cowboy boots and jean shorts inside a country honky-tonk. There is absolutely no storyline whatsoever—it’s just the dancers backing up Shelton’s disappointing chorus (his only lines throughout the entire song are “Whoa, get ready, bam-a-lam” repeated on a loop). 

At some point, Pitbull and his dancers leave the countryside and head back to—of course—Miami’s newly opened Hard Rock Guitar Hotel. The whole group struts around the casino and pool deck as if the video were an advertisement for the new structure, which it may very well be. It’s never explained how the group got to the hotel from the country bar, what they were doing there, or why Shelton didn’t join them. Shelton might have been lost, but he was certainly not forgotten—the last verse of the song starts off with Pitbull yelling, “Oye Blake, let’s take them around the world!” 

Featured Image by Sony Music Entertainment

February 12, 2020

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