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Joji Returns With Balladry and More in Singles

“Gimme Love” – Joji  

“Gimme Love” is alt-R&B singer Joji’s newest single from his upcoming album Nectar, set to be released in July. The song opens with a quick, skittering beat that drives underneath Joji’s voice, his lyrics poignant and heartfelt. The quick tempo suddenly drops off halfway through the track as “Gimme Love” turns into a ballad. With strong harmonies and angelic reverb, Joji laments, “Everyone’s looking for someone to hold / But I can’t let you go.” Unpredictable and sincere, “Gimme Love” is another solid Joji track that adds to an already impressive discography.

“PDLIF” – Bon Iver 

“PDLIF,” which stands for “Please Don’t Live In Fear,” was released by experimental rocker Bon Iver this week. He reassures listeners, “Well I’m not going to tell you that everyone’s safe / I will say / There will be a better day.” Bon Iver announced on his social media platforms that all proceeds from the track will go to Direct Relief, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing medical supplies around the world to those most affected by the novel coronavirus outbreak. With vocals from singer Kacy Hill that complement Bon Iver’s musical stylings and production genius, “PDLIF” is a track you can feel good about listening to.  

“Window” – Still Woozy  

Up-and-coming indie pop artist Still Woozy released his new single “Window” on Friday, showing off his talent for crafting lovesick anthems that hide complex melancholy behind pop-funk synth beats. The track is similar to Still Woozy’s others sonically, though the lyrics are a bit less introspective and trade double entendres for emotional musings. The song is still a success, though. The lyrics hint at a toxic relationship that is contradicted by the song’s beachy electric guitar and peppy synth chords. Though “Window” may not be Still Woozy’s best, it is a fun quarantine distraction.  

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April 20, 2020

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