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Ben Howard, The Band CAMINO, and Mills Drop Singles

“Far Out” and “Follies Fixture” – Ben Howard


In preparation for his fourth studio album, Collections from the Whiteout, expected to drop in late March, Ben Howard released two more singles from the project: “Far Out” and “Follies Fixture.” These two singles follow closely on the heels of two other songs from the album that were released a few weeks ago and give a good indication of the sound, style, and overall feeling of the new album. “Far Out,” which features a graceful bassline and a laidback electric guitar, is the more lively of the two new tracks, although that doesn’t say much given Howard’s often soft-spoken music. “Follies Fixture” relies on a dreamy synth, an acoustic guitar, and layered vocals to deliver a reflective track that will serve as the lead song for Howard’s upcoming album. Ultimately staying true to the nature of his songwriting, Howard keeps the lyrics of both singles abstract and leaves their interpretations up to the listener while also building anticipation for the rest of Collections from the Whiteout.

“1 Last Cigarette” – The Band CAMINO


The Band CAMINO’s new song, “1 Last Cigarette,” details what happens after the music fades and the party ends. On this track, the band sticks to its signature high-spirited sound to deliver this story. Propelled by vibrant and crackling guitars, the chorus culminates with, “now all I got left / Is ten missed calls and one last cigarette.”

“Slide Thru” – Mills 


Kentucky native Mills’ new release, “Slide Thru,” is a sultry love song aided by a mellow and airy electric guitar and a provocative melody. On this short track, which runs just over two minutes, Mills professes his desire to take his relationship “past the conversations” and “get upon them good vibrations,” leaving his listeners to fill in the rest.

Photo Courtesy of Island Records

March 1, 2021

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