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“Mine Forever” Music Video Packed With Nostalgic Visuals


Indie-folk band Lord Huron released a new music video for its song “Mine Forever” on March 19 to announce its upcoming album Long Lost. The “Mine Forever” music video embodies the lyrics of the track, with old-fashioned clips of individuals with blurred out faces flashing across the screen as lead singer Ben Schneider’s dreamy vocals ask “If you ever want to see my face again.” 

These visuals form the crux of the video. The blurry visual effects are colorful and inventive, like smudging on a film reel, and they match the overarching style of the video. Clips of old-fashioned cartoons are spliced together with western scenes and snippets of pictures in lockets. The attention to detail given to every image is clear from the start of the video.

But, the different scenes in the video don’t seem to be connected in any meaningful way aside from evoking nostalgia. The scene that starts and ends the video is of a Lone Ranger-esque masked cowboy and a woman. It initially seems as though the scene will be a central focus of the video, but not enough time is spent telling a story—which can be said of most of the scenes. The scenes are all unrelated, and the clips are too short for audiences to gather what is going on even after multiple viewings of the video.

The video’s quick pace barely offers audiences a moment to blink, as the video is packed to the brim with tantalizing visuals that flash across the screen. While the cowboy’s storyline never fleshes itself out, isolated visuals of him playing a guitar lit on fire with arrows in it and walking away from an unknown woman’s grave captivate viewers. A group of people attempting a seance holds hands as Schneider sings, “If forever gets lonely take my hand.”

While the music video for “Mine Forever” is rife with a scattershot plot, there are enough interesting visuals packed into it for audiences to enjoy and notice something new with every viewing.

Photo Courtesy of Republic Records

March 21, 2021

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