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Leaf: Top Fashion Trends to Follow in Spring 2023

As winter comes to an end, it is time to trade in the Canada Goose, North Face, and Super Puff jackets for a brighter and lighter springtime wardrobe. 

Push your neutral-toned clothing to the back of your dresser and bring out your bright colors to complement the joyful atmosphere of spring. Lighter materials like lace, knitwear, and mesh will be staples of wardrobes in spring 2023. 

Here are five of my predictions about what fashion trends Boston College students will follow this spring.


Nothing screams spring like the lightweight fashionable piece of clothing that is a skirt. 

After a long stretch of time devoted to jeans and pants, skirts are re-emerging, and I’ve seen an increasing number of students walking through Stokes Lawn in maxi skirts. I think that this spring we will see a lot of denim, specifically mini denim low-rise skirts and denim maxi skirts.. 

Popular brands for denim such as Levi’s, Calvin Klein, and Madewell are selling denim mini skirts in a variety of shades and styles. Reformation, Free People, and Urban Outfitters, among other clothing brands, are selling different styles of maxi denim skirts. Reformation’s collection of silk maxi skirts is perfect for the upcoming season as it contains a range of pastel colors and floral prints.

Shrug Sweaters & Cardigans

Aligning with the recent crochet and knit clothing trends, expect to see knit shrug sweaters this spring. These are the perfect transition item to move away from thick winter sweaters to the more airy pieces of spring wardrobes. Part garment and part accessory, these shrugs are perfect for layering as they don’t hide the top worn underneath. Coming in knit, crochet, and mesh, shrugs can be worn in any context with a variety of outfits. 

Students can also throw on their favorite cardigan as they walk out the door for a light layer this spring. Unlike the heavy oversized cardigan sweaters often worn in the fall, spring cardigans are a lighter layer and complement patterned or textured tops well. This spring, cropped v-neck cardigans in any color will be trending. 

Headbands & Sunglasses

Instead of beanies and earmuffs, in spring, headbands and sunglasses will return as fashionable accessories to accompany students as they travel through campus. Both accessories are practical, fashionable, and simple. 

Headbands never go out of style. As lingering winter winds blow across campus early this season, headbands are a perfect option to help keep BC students’ hair out of their faces. Fabric headbands are comfortable, simple, and have the ability to balance out an outfit with just a simple piece of fabric. They come in every color imaginable to match with or add a pop of color to any outfit. 

Last year rectangle sunglasses were popular, whether they were worn traditionally or on the top of the head as a hair accessory. I predict that oval sunglasses will be popular among BC students this year. They are the perfect accessory for students to wear when sitting on Stokes Lawn with friends in the warm sun or traveling into the city on a weekend. 


You either love them or you hate them. This spring, jorts will make a comeback once again as BC students embrace the warm sun. I have heard several mixed reviews about jorts, but the conclusion is always that you’re either someone who can pull them off, or someone who really cannot. 

In case you aren’t caught up on this trend, jorts are jean shorts that often hit between the lower half of the thigh and slightly above the knee. This style started to re-emerge during summer  2022 and I think they will carry into this spring season. They can be styled in several ways for a baggy clothing look, or their bagginess can be balanced out with a tighter top. They can be accessorized with a belt or worn by themselves. 

Whether you own a pair, want to own one, or hope to never own a pair of jorts, this spring they will be back and styled in exciting new ways.

Brighter, More Colorful Footwear

Throughout all of fall and winter, I repeatedly saw students wearing mini UGGs to class, around the residence halls, and in the dining halls. This comfortable choice of footwear is the seemingly perfect choice for cold days when you want to bundle up and be cozy. In the spring, I think that students will slowly start to switch out their UGGs for brighter and more colorful sneakers. 

Personally, I love the Adidas Gazelle sneakers as a new fashionable choice for footwear. The sneakers are suede and come in a variety of different bright springtime colors to compliment any and all outfits. The shoes are one solid color with the classic white adidas stripes and a matching white midsole. 

A classic spring choice, colorful converse high tops, are a trend carrying over from spring 2022. Stylish and comfortable, these shoes remain a springtime trend each year. With a wide array of  colors offered, they have the ability to brighten up every outfit. 

April 16, 2023