Lily P’s Brings a Southern Flair to Cambridge

Lily P’s Brings a Southern Flair to Cambridge

The menu has a multitude of comfort foods. Lily P’s fried chicken stands out. All the chicken is pressure cooked with peanut oil, therefore ensuring it is juicy with a delicious crunch on the outside. The restaurant offers regular, hot, or black pepper honey fried chicken trays, which come with sides such as slaw, french fries with ranch, salad, mac ’n’ cheese, grilled broccoli, and Carolina rice grits.

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Longfellow Bar Raises Bar Bites to New Heights

The goal for restaurants has always been to raise the bar, but for Longfellow Bar, they take the adage quite literally. Elevation of typical bar food and drinks, as well as physical elevation from the hustle and bustle of Harvard Square, allow it to think outside the box—or the margarita glass. Longfellow Bar resides in…