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Panagopoulos Pushes Liqueur Limits With KLEOS

Homer’s Iliad tells the story of mythic Greek soldiers like Achilles and Odysseus sieging the city of Troy in search of kleos—Greek for “renown” or “glory.” Homer’s exact birthplace is of scholarly debate, but some place it on the island of Chios. Now, roughly 29 centuries later, this same island would be a key site...



$75,000 Grant Provides Resources to Local Newton Arts Groups

The New Art Center in Newton had a loss of revenue totaling up to $400,000 due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Emily O’Neil, the executive director of the center. A recent $75,000 grant split between local organizations and nonprofits has helped the center make up for some of those losses.  “I’ve...
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Our Free Speech Problem

As Olivia Strong reported in a Heights article last semester, Boston College fared extremely poorly in the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) ranking of free speech on campus—151th out of the 159 colleges included in the survey. Our ranking in this widely disseminated study is embarrassing.   Far more disturbing, though, is what the...

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