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Families Enjoy Fall Festivities at Homestead Hayfest

After two years without the in-person event, Homestead Hayfest was filled with smiling kids churning butter and sipping apple cider. While enjoying the festivities, Newton families also learned about the 19th century.  In the backyard of the Jackson Homestead and Museum, Historic Newton offered apple cider pressing, ice cream, candle dipping, and a community atmosphere...

Green Newton Promotes Use of Electric Vehicles in the City

Leslie Zebrowitz bought her Tesla as a gift to her grandchildren, but she said she did not think the environment would also reap the benefits of her gift. Newton needs to make structural changes to its transportation systems, and the best way is through the use of electric vehicles (EVs), Zebrowitz said. About 60 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the city come from residential and personal vehicles, according to Zebrowitz. 
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