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TU/TD: Back From Easter Break

Thumbs Up

Tours – It’s always a hilarious break in our day when we can walk by a tour as we’re crossing campus, thinking about the million and one things that need to get done between now and when we put our heads back down on our pillows. We can pass a tour and hear a chipper tour guide talk about life at Boston College. We’re reminded that (1) things are pretty great here, all things considered, and that we shouldn’t be so bitter about being able to get an education, and (2) the phrase “get some work done” is too liberally thrown around to people visiting here. “This is Bapst Library, it’s a great place to get some work done.” “Here’s The Chocolate Bar, it’s a great place to get some work done.” Saying “get some work done” makes it sound like we’re sauntering in, kicking our feet up, listening to some good music, and lazily clicking a few buttons for 20 minutes before we’re done for the day. Tour guides, switch out “get some work done” with “buckle down and pray for divine intervention and inspiration,” and you’ve got a more accurate portrait of day-to-day life here.

Classes You Want To Take – It’s that time of year again when we’re simultaneously trying to keep our GPAs afloat and envision where our lives will be in a couple of months when we start the fall semester at BC (except for you, graduating seniors. As Kurt Vonnegut so eloquently put it, “Everything is going to become unimaginably worse, and never get better again.” Just kidding. Real life is pretty cool). This means thinking about classes and digging through Agora Portal to find ones that interest us. And while we might find a couple that seem dull but necessary for the core or major requirements, there will always be one or two classes that spark joy in us. They offer something in that? That’s ridiculous. That’s not even work, that’s just plain fun. Even if you’re a couple of years into school, you can’t help but be amazed by the fact that there’s so much freedom in taking what you want to take in college, and while we have the opportunity, we should definitely take advantage of it.


 Thumbs Down

Pick Times – That great class you want filled up in 10 minutes and it’s no longer available, ever. Have a nice day now.

Bapst Hours – It’s practically finals season, so let’s just keep Gargan Hall open 24 hours again, shall we? We could put up with getting kicked out when things weren’t all too serious, but we pay damn good money for this place. Keep the library open.

Featured Image by Drew Hoo / Heights Editor

April 9, 2015