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BC has the Opportunity to Support Community Programs

Boston College will give a $450,000 grant to the Allston-Brighton neighborhood to improve its public spaces. This money is part of a $2.5 million program, the BC Neighborhood Improvement Fund, that will support services in the community around BC not covered by public funding.

University spending going toward Allston-Brighton beautification is a commendable project. This specific $450,000 will go toward constructing a monument for a Medal of Honor recipient, improving McKinney Park, building a wayfinding kiosk, and other local improvement projects.

Investing in the community surrounding BC shows genuine interest in improvement. While this money went to beautification, further installments of the $2.5 million will be used for causes to be determined.

Hopefully, this money will go to various and diverse programs that will help people who live in Allston-Brighton, many of whom are disadvantaged and would benefit from funds allocated toward social programs and educational initiatives.

It is important to take pride in and work toward improving the area surrounding our campus, but as more of this money is released into the community, other issues facing Allston-Brighton should be addressed in order to wholly improve the community.

January 24, 2016