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StokesSet Concert Shows Good Work From CAB

In the spring semester of last year, tickets to see The Chainsmokers at Plexapalooza sold out within two minutes. Students were frustrated with the lack of tickets for such a popular concert. The Heights criticized the two-tickets-per-ID policy, as it allowed Boston College students to purchase tickets for non-BC friends, and thereby limited BC students from attending while students from other schools were able to. For this past Saturday’s Misterwives concert on Stokes Lawn, the Campus Activities Board sold one ticket per student ID. They sold out the 2,000 tickets (a capacity dictated by the concert’s rain location, the Plex) and put on a successful concert.

Earlier, The Heights wrote, “As a group meant to promote on-campus activities for BC students, CAB’s priority should be ensuring that the greatest possible number of interested BC students are able to attend these events. … When an event such as Plexapalooza is scheduled, for which great interest is expressed and ticket sales promise to be high, CAB should … prevent non-BC students from obtaining tickets while BC students are unable.” For the first ever StokesSet concert, CAB did this, and it proved successful. The tickets still sold out quickly, but the new policy ensured that this was because of many BC students purchasing tickets quickly, and not because of BC students purchasing tickets for non-BC students. This policy should continue for future CAB concerts, such as Plexapalooza and Modstock.

Beyond ticketing, the concert was a well-planned event that attracted a good number of students. An outdoor fall concert is a good way to begin the year, and CAB should try to make this an annual event, if possible. The choice of venue was a good way to prompt interest, as it is in a more central occasion than other venues where BC concerts are usually held. The outdoor aspect and well-designed lights helped make the event a success. The concert was a worthwhile attempt to expand campus activities at BC and create a new annual event. CAB should continue these attempts as the year goes on and use StokesSet as an example. Both the ticketing process and the planning of the concert helped create a great event for BC students, which should always be CAB’s goal.

Featured Image by Julia Hopkins / Heights Editor

September 18, 2016