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“bOp!sters, Inc.” Shows Off Creative Side of BC bOp!

Nearly every seat in Robsham Theater was filled for Boston College bOp!’s concert on Saturday night, March 24. The concert’s title, “bOp!sters, Inc.,” and that night itself was inspired by the animated movie Monsters, Inc.

Friends and family of the performers packed the theater for the group’s performance, shouting out names and cheering for those they came to see. Every song showcased the talent and skill of the group, whether it featured only the instrumentalists or the vocalists as well. 

“bOp!sters, Inc.” featured 19 songs with a brief intermission in the middle. The show opened with the instrumental “Groovin’ Hard,” which immediately had the audience invested with its exciting beat and impressive saxophone solos. 

The group’s vocalists joined for the next song, “Harold’s House of Jazz,” and its skill was quickly apparent through its tight harmonies and synchronization. Throughout the concert, the musicians and vocalists’ dedication to their craft was apparent. 

The songs were technically difficult and the performance lasted over two hours, requiring the performers to have both stamina and precision. 

In the first half of the program, “Stardust,” “Translucence,” “Bourbon Street Parade,” and “I Feel the Earth Move” were particular standouts. Colin Klein, MCAS ’24, was the featured soloist on “Stardust,” which showcased his smooth vocals and demonstrated how connected he was to the lyrics he was singing. “

“Translucence” featured Jason Fan, MCAS ’24, on tenor saxophone. Fan performed a number of solos in the concert, and he delivered on each of them, with “Translucence” being a particularly moving and meditative piece. 

Klein sang beautifully again on “Bourbon Street Parade,” which led the audience into the final two songs of the first act of the performance. “I Feel the Earth Move,” featuring Vanessa Lorden, MCAS ’24, on vocals, Tommy Lynn, CSOM ’24, on guitar, and Thomas Griffin, MCAS ’24, on piano, was especially moving. 

Lorden’s crystal clear tone and velvety vocals were perfectly accentuated by Lynn’s precise and thrilling guitar solo, as well as Griffin’s unmatched skill on keys.

The second half of the program opened with the title song, “bOp!sters, Inc.,” during which the musical director Sebastian Bonaiuto introduced the members of the group. 

Two instrumentalists ran onstage wearing Monsters, Inc. onesies, and the vocalists ran around the stage and the audience causing mayhem and playing rock, paper, scissors with audience members. 

It was a creative and lighthearted opening for the second half of the show, which proved to be just as impressive as the first half. Some standout pieces from the second half included “Lingus,” “Ain’t No Way,” and “Bring Me Sunshine.” 

“Lingus” featured a number of the instrumentalists in a piece that was quite exciting in its rhythm, beat, and execution. It was clear that the band members enjoyed playing the song and getting to riff and experiment with the music. 

“Lingus” featured Avery Suza, MCAS ’26, on trumpet, Elias Peter, MCAS ’25, on alto saxophone, Fan on tenor saxophone, Lynn on guitar, Griffin and Ethan Behr, MCAS ’25, on piano, Mike McKane, MCAS ’25, on bass, and Jesse Feller-Kopman, MCAS ’25,  on drums. 

After “Lingus,” Bonaiuto came onstage to thank the musicians and everyone else who made the concert possible, including vocal director Karen Sayward. Bonaiuto also noted that Griffin, who played piano throughout the concert, arranged a number of the pieces bOp! performed, a testament to his musical talent.

“Ain’t No Way” featured a number of visiting student musicians on strings and Sofia Burke, MCAS ’25, on vocals. The piece was masterfully done, from Burke’s powerful vocals to the encompassing warmth of the strings and the band. 

The final song of the concert before the encore of “That Cat is High,” which bOp! sings at all of its performances, was “Bring Me Sunshine,” which opened with ukulele and served as a lovely and happy finish to the concert.

“bOp!sters, Inc.,” was a demonstration of overall musical skill at BC, but it also showcased the dedication and talent of its members. From creative direction to song choice, the evening was an unforgettable one for its audience.

May 1, 2024