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COLUMN: Being Our Authentic Selves

By: Adriana Mariella

Authenticity isn’t about how well you break the BC stereotype, and it isn’t about how well you fit it, either. Authenticity is the understanding that you need no apology or explanation of how you fit into an image of what we’re supposed to be.

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COLUMN: Now Fear This!

By: Patrick Angiolillo

I have a policy about spiders. Some might disagree with me. PETA would probably be outraged-guessing by their reaction to the president killing a fly some time ago. Others, though, might concur. My policy runs thus: All spiders, by virtue of their being, ought not to be. 

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COLUMN: Finding The Right Balance

By: Emma Vitale

Classes are in full swing with another semester’s worth of readings, exams, and papers. Clubs have started to pick up again, with the Spring Involvement Fair reminding you of all the opportunities you should be taking advantage of, making you question how you’re spending your time at Boston College. How can we begin to confront the “big” issues in the world when we can’t even confront the pressures of our own life on the Heights?

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Slowing Our Lives

By: Adriana Mariella

 As students who spend four years engrossed in subjects that might seem “impractical,” we should be reluctant to see the book phased out for its digital counterpart or the careful, intellectual process of writing deemed too time consuming.

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