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TU/TD: Less Snow, Please

 Thumbs Up

Google Docs – Along with cell phones, planes, and sliced bread, Google Docs is an invention that has regrettably lost the grand aura around it that it deserves. The collaboration possibilities are endless, and people are still so impatient with the thing, or they don’t use it at all. You can edit anything, anywhere, from any computer—don’t you understand how miraculous that is? Three best friends from different sides of the world could write a novel without actually speaking to each other once. If you’re not using Google Docs to work on group projects together, then you’re doing it wrong. Hats off, Google Docs. Hats off forever.

Tan Stapler at Bapst – No one of stapler-replacing importance seems to realize that none of the staplers work at Bapst. And I say no one because the staplers are still there day after day when we show up to quickly get the economics homework together before we slip-and-slide our way through 12 feet of snow on our way to class. But God gave us the tan stapler, and we are so very grateful. It is crisp, quick, and it never jams. What more can we ask for from a metal appliance?


 Thumbs Down

Bapst Bathroom – For one of the most beautiful libraries in America, Bapst was gifted with a brilliant bathroom that can manage, at most, four people at a time. The writing on the wall is the only thing keeping us from completely losing our minds.

People Holding Spaces – Listen, we get it. There is literally too much snow for this city to hold anymore, and we don’t want our parking space covered either when we leave with our neighbors snow. That’s fine. But leaving lawn chairs out to hold the spaces. Even four lawn chairs? Don’t you understand that now, not only do we have to avoid the snow, but we have to avoid your stupid chairs that have blown out into the street while you’re gone, and you’re not even putting your lawn chairs in the right place. Please try less, neighbors. Please.

Snow Days – We never thought the day would come when we couldn’t stand snow days anymore, but that day is here. With another snowpocalypse forecasted for the beginning of this week, another snow day is almost imminent. Even if not this week, we will undoubtedly have more in the future, seeing how this semester has been going so far. If these snow days keep happening, we’ve heard rumors of Saturday classes, and that’s something we don’t want to even consider. No work gets done on snow days, we keep falling further and further behind, and we just cannot get a schedule settled with this entire stop and go every single week. We’ve also accepted that there won’t be any class on Mondays anymore, and for that once a week Monday class that we have, we’re definitely have conflicting feelings over it. For those that grew up with snow days, having this many is like some kind of fantasy ripped straight from our youth. But too much of a good thing can make it all go bad.

Featured Image by Arthur Bailin / Heights Editor

February 9, 2015